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Mathematics:103 Trigonometry Problems From the Training of the USA IMO Team

Mathematic book: basic Mathematics

Mathematic book: 103 Trigonometry Problems

From the Training of the USA IMO Team

  • Pages: 226
  • Publisher: Birkh√§user; 1 edition (December 15, 2004)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0817643346
  • ISBN-13: 978-0817643348

This book contains 103 highly selected problems used in the training and testing of
the U.S. International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) team. It is not a collection of
very difficult, impenetrable questions. Instead, the book gradually builds students’
trigonometric skills and techniques. The first chapter provides a comprehensive in-troduction to trigonometric functions, their relations and functional properties, and
their applications in the Euclidean plane and solid geometry. This chapter can serve
as a textbook for a course in trigonometry. This work aims to broaden students’
view of mathematics and better prepare them for possible participation in various
mathematical competitions. It provides in-depth enrichment in important areas of
trigonometry by reorganizing and enhancing problem-solving tactics and strategies.
The book further stimulates interest for the future study of mathematics.
In theUnitedStates ofAmerica, the selectionprocess leading toparticipation in the
International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) consists of a series of national contests
called theAmericanMathematics Contest 10 (AMC 10), theAmericanMathematics
Contest 12 (AMC12), theAmerican InvitationalMathematics Examination (AIME),
and the United States of America Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO). Participation
in the AIME and the USAMO is by invitation only, based on performance in the
preceding exams of the sequence. The Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program
(MOSP) is a four-week intensive trainingprogramfor approximately50verypromis-ing students who have risen to the top in the American Mathematics Competitions.
The six students representing theUnitedStates ofAmerica in the IMOare selected on
the basis of their USAMO scores and further testing that takes place during MOSP.